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Discover the Journey of Shoe Den: Crafting Quality Shoeracks for Every Step of Life

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Explore the craftsmanship at Shoeden - where functionality meets elegance. Learn more about our commitment to quality and innovation in organizing your footwear.

About Shoe Den

Discover our journey, explore our passion. We are Shoe Den – crafting quality shoeracks for every step of life. What's our craft? Explore Mehar Industries, the makers of Shoe Den, where we've crafted quality shoe racks since 2008. Our focus is on space-saving, rust-proof solutions. Our slim, made-in-India shoe rack with locking features and ventilation holes beautifies your doorstep while providing hygienic storage. Discover our journey today!

Explore Shoeden's vision and mission - dedicated to creating innovative and stylish solutions for organizing your footwear. Learn how we redefine storage spaces with our commitment to excellence.

Vision and Mission

At Mehar Industries, the force behind Shoe Den, our mission is to craft durable, space-saving shoe racks. Since 2008, we've been providing rust-proof, slim solutions that enhance doorsteps across India, UAE, Qatar, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Explore our journey, where quality and innovation are our guiding principles.

Discover the rich history of Shoeden, the pioneers in crafting quality shoe racks since 2008. Explore our journey of innovation and commitment to providing stylish and functional storage solutions for your footwear.

History Of Us!

Embracing the future while cherishing our past – that's the story of Mehar Industries and Shoe Den. Since 2008, we've crafted durable, rust-proof shoe racks, making doorsteps more beautiful. From Hyderabad to India, and even to the UAE, Qatar, and Andaman, our journey is one of quality, innovation, and global reach.


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Client satisfaction is our pride. Mehar Industries and Shoe Den have been fulfilling customers’ needs since 2008, offering slim, rust-proof shoe racks that beautify homes across India, the UAE, Qatar, and the Andaman Islands. Our commitment to quality and innovation echoes through the praise of our delighted clients. Discover their testimonials.

Ravirekha ChowdaryRavirekha Chowdary
04:50 20 Sep 23
Amazing Product,Good Quality Shoerack,Good Ventialtion,Reasonable Price and Great Service
Kiran ChintaKiran Chinta
19:04 03 Sep 22
There is no showroom/shop at this location. It is an industrial area. The location is not correct.
16:11 24 May 22
Shreyash KhadeShreyash Khade
11:04 20 Jan 22
The amount you give the material you getThe product is best with the price … but can Increase the gauge of the rack
Amazing Product. Good Quality Shoe rack, sleek Design with lock system, good ventilation. Reasonable price and great Service. I recommend this product b'cos I recently bought a Regular 5- Rack Shoe size it is in coffee brown colour very elegant & very spacious to keep a big and small size shoes in a proper way inside the shoe rack.. 👍and also it can be avail in different types of colours.. .superr👍Thanks a lot...
Venkateshwara ReddyVenkateshwara Reddy
14:16 15 Aug 20
I have purchased this shoe rack 7years ago. As of now I have never changed it from one place to another place...Highly rust coated. You and old people also can handle it easily less consuming of space also. Don't worry to buy it.
Rehan aliRehan ali
10:52 10 Aug 20
I have purchased this product 5 years ago. Very good, Innovative and reliable product. The concept is very good to keep all types of shoes in a proper way with safety. Good work. Keep it up...!!
01:42 23 Oct 19
Bought this 5 chamber Jumbo shoe den. Ivory colour. The unit was fixed free of cost, by the person from the company @Bhubaneswar. The only thing I feel, this should cost around 5000/-. But it costed me 7200/-. Seems a bit high. Still this shoe organiser is quite elegant and easy to use. The product is quite sturdy.Thanks Mehar Industries. Hope to see more innovative products for home use in future.
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2-Rack Jumbo Shoe Rack – 6 Pairs | Shoe Den

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3-Rack Jumbo Shoe Rack – 9 Pairs | Shoe Den

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4-Rack Jumbo Shoe Rack – 12 Pairs | Shoe Den

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5-Rack Jumbo Shoe Rack – 15 Pairs | Shoe Den

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